DKT-50CR Polyimide Insulation Tape

DKT-50CR Kapton Tape ( Polyimide Tape) are made from polyimide film with silicone adhesive. Polyimdie film is a polymer of imide monomers which’s most cost- efficient heat resistant film. Silicon adhesive protection leaves no residue. They are compatible with a wide temperature range as 180°C.
Polymide Film
Silicon Adhesive
1. High electrical strength.
2. High temperature.
3. High adhesion.
4. H-class insulation.
5. Anti-corrosion.
6. Soft.
7. Available in various thickness like 2 mil & 5 mil
1.PCB Masking.
2.Ideal for wave soldering, insulating circuit boards and high temperature powder coating.
3. High temp Masking.
4. Insulation in Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
5. Anodized metal label protection in Automotive painting applications.
6.Polyimide tape is also used in the auto industry for wrapping switches, diaphragms, sensors and coils in seat heaters
7.Aerospace industry uses Polyimide tape primarily for insulation of aircraft and spacecraft wings
8. Polyimide tape can be laminated, metallized and punch formed; and these capabilities make it a candidate for converting to custom shapes and sizes