DMFT 398 Mono Filament Tape.

DMFT-398 backed with PET film and reinforced with glass fibre. It’s high strength mono directional filament tape with good resistance to abrasion; special adhesive left no residue after peeled off; suitable for bundling of wire rope of bridge; fixing household electrical appliances; furniture; steel rolling industry.
PET film and reinforced with glass fibre
Up to 120ºC
1. Strong Adhesion
2. Transparent and high strength filament tape.
3. Good adhesion to the surface slightly stained by oil and without residue left
4. Thick enough and high holding power.
5. Moisture resistance & Ageing resistance.
6. Heat Resistance to abrasion and import resistance..
7. High Tensile glass fibers. 
“1. The product is especially recommended for closure of shipping cartons, which are exposed to shocks during transport.
2. High Tensile tape is designed for stabilizing pallets during shipping, sealing and reinforcing sea cartons.
3. Its even unwind strength provides consistent lapping/wrapping.
4. Bundling of heavy duty items. “