DMT - 150HT Masking Tape High Temperature:

DMT-150 HT is a special crepe paper backing with Rubber adhesive coated, possesses good resistance to temperature, solvent and water. This also protects that area from getting wet during sandpapering. Moreover, this product displays good holding and sealing properties, and can easily stick on to different smooth surfaces, making it suitable for masking for automotive applications, nonferrous metals, glass, and various baked coating surfaces as well as equipment, and rubber or plastic parts. Easy to use and tear without leaving residue.

Rubber Adhesive
Upto 150° C
Rubber Adhesive
1.Special designed for automotive paint masking application for High Temperature
2.Flexible, wet resistant masking
3.Tape with a high tensile strength.
4. Residue free removal.
5. Easy unwinding for better work-ability
6. Good Initial tack
7.Easy Masking and de-masking
1. Paint masking.
2. Stacking of printed masking circuit boards.
3. Holding application.
4. Cable Bundling.
5. Eco-friendly packing