DSPT-2040 Double-Sided Polyester Tape

DSPT-2040 is a Double Sided Pressure Sensitive Adhesive tape consisting of a transparent polyester film backing and a synthetic Rubber adhesive with excellent adhesion and holding power, which assures long-life permanent bonding for both out door and Indoor applications.
Transparent polyester
-10ºC to 120ºC
Synthetic Rubber adhesive
1. An outstanding adhesion level & easy to apply.
2. It has hand tear property.
3. Due to high initial tack which provides user an immediate functionality of the laminated bond.
4. High tensile strength. 
1. Excellent Adhesion strength with the steel surface & residue free removal.
2. Fastening of liner in FIBC industry.
3. Mounting of exterior car mirrors in plastic housings.
4. Mounting of mouldings and decorative trim parts in the furniture industry.
5. Mounting of battery packs in cellular phones & mounting of screen/lens.
6. Mounting of rubber parts, Flash card.
7.Mounting of signage’s and flex joints
Metal labels