DSPT-65R Double-Sided Red Polyester Tape

DSPT 65R is a transparent, double sided, self-adhesive tape consisting of a PET film backing and a modified acrylic adhesive. with excellent adhesion and holding power, which assures long-life permanent bonding for both out door and Indoor applications, It secures reliable bonding to smooth, rough or low energy substrates like PP,PPEP etc.,
Up to 200˚C short term.
acrylic adhesive
1. Reliable bond even to LSE substrates
2. Immediate usability right after assembly
3.Suitability for most demanding applications such as heavy stress, high temperatures or critical substrates
1. Bonding between epoxy mould & peel ply for wind industry.
2. Mounting of ABS plastic parts in the car industry
3. Self-adhesive mounting of rubber/EPDM profiles
4. Mounting of decorative profiles and mouldings in the furniture industry
5. Mounting of battery packs, lenses and touch screens in electronic devices