DSPT-90S Double-Sided Polyester Tape

DSPT-90S Double side Polyester Tape is a high performance tape with a polyester backing and acrylic adhesive. This tape bonds to a wide variety of metals, high surface energy plastics, Papers and composite materials. We engineered this tape for demanding bonding applications and designed it to feature excellent UV and temperature resistance
acrylic adhesive
1. High performance tape specifically designed for tough bonding applications
2. Features excellent UV and temperature resistance
3. Performs well at high and low temperatures
4. Versatile acrylic adhesive bonds to a wide variety of substrates
5. Excellent peel, tack and shear
1. Provides permanent bond on foams.
2. Insulation facings, papers, plastics, metals, and composite materials subjected to a broad range of environmental conditions.
3. High temperature splicing application