DST-14070 Double Sided Tissue Tape

DST 14070 -is a Double sided Pressure Sensitive Adhesive tape consisting of a non-woven backing & a Synthetic Rubber adhesive, with excellent adhesion & holding power, which assures long-life permanent bonding for both out door and Indoor applications. It secures reliable bonding to smooth, rough or low energy substrates like PP,PPEP etc.,
Up to -40°C to 100°C
Synthetic Rubber adhesive
1. High quality and strong holding power
2. High Tack-High Immediate adhesion to many LSE surfaces
3.Synthetic Rubber Adhesive allows for use on a wide variety of surfaces
4. Allows for easy manual handling
Applications 1. Strong adhesion allows attachment to many materials including all metals and the majority of plastics.
2. Sufficient tack and shear makes the product suitable for high speed splicing of films & thick boards.
3. For joining decorative laminates.
4. Used for paper splicing.