DST-150SF Double Sided Tissue Tape

DST -150SF is a Double Sided Pressure Sensitive Adhesive tape consisting of a non-woven backing and a Modified Acrylic Adhesive. with excellent adhesion and holding power, which assures long-life permanent bonding for both out door and Indoor applications. It secures reliable bonding to smooth, rough or low energy substrates like PP, PPEP etc.,
Up to 80°C
Acrylic Adhesive
1. Modified acrylic adhesive.
2. Multiple applications.
3. High Adhesion
4. Smooth adhesive layer.
5. Easy Release Liner .
Applications1. Offers medium temperature and UV resistance.
2. Good adhesion to a lot of surfaces, also low energy surfaces.
3. Applicable on wide variety of substrates.
4. Very flat surface appearance to the total laminate.
5. Excellent moisture and dimensional stability.
6. Excellent conversion features.