DST-303 Double Sided Tissue Tape

DST-303-High performance Double Coated Tissue Tape made of conformable tissue carrier and high performance acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. The high peel adhesion provides excellent adhesion to variety of surfaces.
tissue paper
Upto 130˚C
Acrylic Pressure Sensative Adhesive
1. High quality and strong holding power
2. Suitable for use on a wide variety of surfaces
3. Excellent resistance to heat, weathering and thermal creep
High Shear properties.
Applications1. The soft construction of tissue tape makes this product ideal for many joining, mounting, gasketing and sealing applications involving irregular surfaces.
2. This tape is specially formulated for foam lamination and more demanding indoor and moderate outdoor mounting and joining applications, including bonding of metal to rubber gaskets and many other plastics, where moderate temperature and high shear performance are required.
3. Other Application ideas are attaching trims, labels, lining, fabric, web splicing, core starting and end tabbing.
4. High tack & shear makes the product suitable for high speed splicing of films & thick boards.
5. Better Bonding to the Plastic and Felt Surface.