DST 90HM Double sided Tissue Tape

DST 90HM – Double Side Tissue Tape is Synthetic Rubber Resin coated on Non Woven material which gives effective quick bonding with strong adhesion, easy tear property that makes it convenient to use for any general applications.
Synthetic Rubber Resin coated on Non Woven
Up to 60°C
1. High quality and strong holding power
2. High Tack-High Immediate adhesion to many LSE surfaces
3. Synthetic Rubber Adhesive allows for use on a wide variety of surfaces
4. Allows for easy manual handling.
5. Economical version.
Applications 1. Strong adhesion allows the application for materials including all metals, Foam & the majority of plastics.
3. Sufficient tack and shear makes the product suitable for high speed splicing of films & thick boards.
3. For joining decorative laminates.