DAFT-120LL PE Lamination Aluminium Foil Tape - Liner Less

DAFT-120LL PE Laminated Aluminum Foil Tape is Comprised of a dead soft aluminum foil backing and coated with a highly engineered pressure sensitive adhesive, it is ideal for heat shielding, heat reflecting, chemical masking, light enhancement, chemical milling, seaming, sealing and de-paint operations
Aluminium Foil
-20°C to +110°C
Pressure Sensative Adhesive
1. High thermal conductivity to maximize efficiency of heating or cooling
2. High heat reflectivity to protect temperature-sensitive materials against heat damage and hot spots
3. Dead Soft foil for high conformability.
4. Good thermal and electrical conductivity.
5. Conformable Aluminium foil is ideal for demanding and intricate applications.
6. Protect parts from flame damage
7. Resist UV degradation for long-term performance
1. Used as self wound product for white goods & HVAC
2. Heat reflecting & thermal conductivity.
3. Masking in chemical paint stripping applications.
4. Moisture barrier.
5. Light reflecting for light enhancement.
6. Refrigerator and freezer coil attachment.
7. Splicing of thin gauge foils.