DRPT-100 DRPT-4040 Double Sided Repulpable Tape

DRPT-4040 is Double Sided Repulpable Tissue Tape coated with Repulpable Adhesive on both sides. The product also comes with specialized Repulpable release liner.
Double Sided Repulpable Tissue Tape
Repulpable Adhesive
1. Water and alkali dispersebelity are excellent and eliminate risk of contamination.
2. Packing in sealed plastic bags helps protect constant moisture content of unused tape.
3. Suitable for High Speed splicing.
Applications1. Splicing at sheeting and other paper converting operations
2. Core starting & Roll closing.
3. Temporary and pull through splicing on coated and uncoated papers and cellulosic materials.
4. Roll splicing in Newspaper Industry.